Last Update: December 2015
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NEWS - 2015
The Iron Ring Ceremony was held in Halifax, Dominic finally got his ring
February 28, 2015

Dominic finally took part in the Iron Ring Ceremony and was presented his ring by Dr. Micheal Pegg.
Dominic is presenting LAMTE's work on tablet temperature control to Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon
May 6, 2015

Dominic presented the work done after 18 months on a 3-year Intel contract on fanless temperature control of electronics using PCMs at Intel's research day in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Nick and Dominic spent some time in Ireland with the Open Hydro team
January 2015

Nick spent 2 weeks in Ireland working closely with the team from Open Hydro to jump start a new ENGAGE reseach project on the CFD study of subsea base in tidal flow. Dominic also spend a few days with the team at the end of the visit. Their hospitality was greatly appreciated!
Dr. Mohammed Afrid is visiting the LAMTE to further a reserach collaboration
January 26 to February 8, 2015

Dr. Afrid, from l'École Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine in Algeria, spent two weeks in Halifax, at the LAMTE, furthering a collaboration on the numerical study of mixed convection in elliptical annulus.
Dominic finishes a NS Voucher for IEP
February 28, 2015

Dominic completed a numerical study of one of Integrated Energy Products as part of a NS Voucher.
Chris Nantau joins the LAMTE on a new ENGAGE Project with SWSI
March 1st, 2015

A new ENGAGE project looking at wind energy forecasting for wind farm has been awarded to the LAMTE. This project, with Scotia Weather Services Inc, will be performed in large part by Chris Nantau, who joins the lab.
Laura and Dominic presented LAMTE's work at the ASME-ATI-UIT Conference in Naples (Italy)
May 18-20, 2015

They presented two papers at the conference on Thermal Energy Systems: Production, Storage, Utilisation and the Environment. The papers were titled "Experimental Investigations of a Latent Heat Energy Storage Unit using Finned Tubes" and "Operational Parametric Study of a Tesla Pump including Vibrations Effects".
Successful Thesis Defence of Moe Kabbara
April 9, 2015

Moe successfully defended his MASc thesis today; the research was performed in large part at NSCC in Dr. Alain Joseph AERlab on latent heat thermal storage under real-time solar conditions. Congratulations Moe!
The LAMTE graduate researchers presented their work at the annuel MERC conference
April 30, 2015

Great presentations, and posters, were given at the annual Mechanical Engineering Research Conference by all, showcasing the high level of work done at the LAMTE.
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New LAMTE researchers are starting summer internships
May 1st, 2015

It is with pleasure that we welcome 4 new LAMTE members: Martha Barret, Geoffrey Chase, Grant Currie and Ryan Scott, who will all be involved in various research projects this summer
Ben and Dominic presented LAMTE's work at the CHT-15 Conference at Rutgers University (USA)
May 26-29, 2015

They presented two papers at the conference on Computational Heat Transfer. The papers were titled "Thermal Modeling of Tablets: Temperature Management using Phase Change Materials" and "The Effect of the Mushy-Zone Constant on Simulated Phase Change Heat Transfer"; that second paper was also prepared by Ali as a side project.
Dominic is being made a Fellow of the CSME
June 1st, 2015

At the CANCAM welcome reception in London, Ontario, Dominic was awarded the title of Fellow of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering as part of this year's CSME Awards.
Dominic participated in a PhD thesis defense at l'École Polytechnique as external examiner
August 20, 2015

Benoit Delcroix, now Dr. Delcroix, defended his PhD thesis succesfully in the department of mechanical engineering at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal. He performed his work under the supervision of Michaël Kummert and Admed Daoud.
Successful Thesis Defence of Nicholas Osbourne
August 18, 2015

Nick successfully defended his MASc thesis today; the research was on numerical modeling of the turbulent flow around and in the wake of a horizontal axis 3-blade tidal turbine. Congratulations Nick!
Dominic presented LAMTE's work at the 1st Thermal and Fluids Engineering Summer Conference in New York City (USA)
August 9-12, 2015

Two papers were presented at the 1st TFESC: "Numerical Study of Nano-Enhanced PCMs: Are They Worth It?" and "Thermal Modeling of Tablets: Temperature Management using Phase Change Materials"; that second paper prepared by Ben.
Dominic presented LAMTE's work at the ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluid Conference in Seoul (South Korea)
July 26-31, 2015

Two papers were presented at AJK-2015: "Operational Parametric Study of a Tesla Pump: Disk Pack Spacing and Rotational Speed" and "Characterization of Turbulent Flow and Pressure Fluctuations over a Hydrophone by LES".
Ben passed is PhD Comprehensive Exam
July 15, 2015

Benjamin Sponagle passed his PhD comprehensive exam by successfully complement an oral examination held by the committee, composed of Drs. Johnston, White and Groulx. He had previously passed the two written exams on advanced heat transfer, phase change and design. Congratulations Ben!!
Dominic met with Entropy Solutions in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA)
June 30, 2015

Dominic met with the team of engineering and scientist of Entropie Soutions, makers of PureTemps PCMs, to discuss potential joint research initiative into the application, heat transfer and design of storage systems using PureTemp PCMs. It was a great and productive visit!
Louis and Moe win the Innovacorp Smart Energy Demo Challenge
June 25, 2015

Louis and Moe, through their newly incorporated company NeoTES, which uses a storage technology developed at the LAMTE, have won the Innovacorp Smart Energy Demo Challenge and the $50,000 that comes with it. Congratulations to you both!!
Dominic presented LAMTE's work in Sherbrooke, Québec
June 8-10, 2015

The paper was presented at the XIIe Colloque Interuniversitaire Franco-Québécois sur la Thermique des Systèmes at Dominic's old alma mater and was titled: "Modélisation Numérique de la Fusion de Matériau à Changement de Phase Dominée par Convection Naturelle : Effet des Paramètres"
First journal paper from the LAMTE and T3E collaboration now available
October 6, 2015

A paper from work done in a collaboration between the LAMTE and the t3e (chaire de recherche en technologie de l'énergie et efficacité énergétique) from École de Technologie Supérieur (ETS) is now available from the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy: "Economic and energy analysis of domestic ground source heat pump systems in four Canadian cities"
New LAMTE researchers
September 15, 2015

Dr. Maha Bhouri is joining the LAMTE as a postdoctoral fellow; Maha will be involved in most of the research activities in the lab. Jonas and Azad are also back to the LAMTE, for a MASc and a PhD respectively.
Nick and Dominic are presenting LAMTE's work EWTEC in Nantes (France)
September 7-10, 2015

Nick presented a paper of work coming out of his MASc thesis: "3D Modeling of a Tidal Turbine - An Investigation of Wake Phenomena". The researchers from Dal Engineering also took some time to go visit the beautiful city of Saumur.
Dominic visits the Connaught Building in Ottawa as part of a project with PWGSC
September 2, 2015

Dominc, along with Sarah Wert and Cynthia Cruickshank from Carleton University visited the Connaught Building as part of a research collaboration with Public Work Government Service Canada.
An ENGAGE grant completed with Scotia Weather Services Inc.
November 3, 2015

Chris and Dominic just completed a 6 month ENGAGE project with SWSI by submitting the final report to the company.
An ENGAGE grant completed with Open Hydro
December 15, 2015

Nick and Dominic just completed a 6 month ENGAGE project with Open Hydro by submitting the final report to the company. We are looking forward to continued research collaborations!