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The Laboratory of Applied Multiphase Thermal Engineering (LAMTE) was founded in 2007 by Dr. Dominic Groulx soon after his appointment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University. The LAMTE greatly expending in 2010 after Dr. Groulx was awarded a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) - Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF) Award, with additional support from the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT) and the Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie University.

The LAMTE team conducts research on fundamental and applied heat transfer, often with a focus on multiphase processes, notably solid-liquid phase change. This research work focuses on studying the phase change heat transfer behaviour of phase change materials (PCMs) and the usage of those materials in thermal storage applications and thermal managements, leading to design and development of storage systems for solar thermal applications or office building temperature control, and management of electronics temperature for example. Applied research on more traditional heat transfer and thermal energy problems is also conducted such as the study of thermal interface materials, thermal energy flow modeling of industrial plants, thermoelectric systems and advanced electronics cooling. Research related to the overall thermal behaviour of batteries is also conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the Renewable Energy Storage Lab (RESL).

Dr. Groulx and the LAMTE are also part of the
DREAMS - Dalhousie Research in Energy, Advanced Materials and Sustainability - program; a $1.65 million NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program, aimed primarily at supporting a cohort of research trainees who will address important aspects of energy production/storage and sustainability. Those researchers will play a pivotal role in the future of renewable energy production and storage as well as the sustainable production of environmentally acceptable or reusable materials. More details about DREAMS can be found at

The principal objective of the reserach team is the development of knowledge, practices, methodologies and solutions (designs, sytems, models) to thermal engineering problems.

The LAMTE team is composed of undergraduate and post-graduate students with varied backgrounds: mechanical, chemical, nuclear engineering as well as physics and chemistry. Each team member has independent projects and is providing unique perspectives and results. In addition, a number of research assistants, visitors, and associates are often involved in projects. The LAMTE is managed by Dr. Dominic Groulx, PEng, ing., a thermal/fluid/energy engineer, with a background in physics and mechanical engineering, with 15 years experience.

Our research presents a good mix of fundamental study and applied engineering which is greatly driven by industry concerns and requirements. We collaborate with numerous industrial partners, both locally in Nova Scotia and at the national/international level. These professional relationships are greatly enjoyed and we look forward to making new ones and collaborate on interesting and challenging projects.

If you have an interest in thermal energy/storage and applied heat transfer, then the LAMTE might be the place for you. Currently there are openings in the laboratory with interesting projects and experimental/numerical equipment.

We invite you to explore the LAMTE website using the navigation sub-header on top. It gives details of our research, people, facilities, publications, partners and opportunities.
Latest News
Dominic presented two papers at the 4th International Forum on Heat Transfer in Sendai, Japan
November 1-4, 2016

The papers presented were: "Melting of Phase Change Materials in a Cylindrical Enclosure: Parameters Influencing Natural Convection Onset" and "Numerical Study of Temperature Control in Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials".

Tousif successfully defended his MASc thesis
August 16, 2016

Tousif's thesis is titled "Development of a Novel Thermal Management Technology of Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials" and was defended with success. Tousif is now off to do his PhD at the University of Delaware!

Ali's excellent review on server cooling technolofy is now published
July 25, 2016

The paper is published in Applied Thermal Engineering and is titled "Cooling of Server Electronics: A Design Review of Existing Technology".

Louis defended his PhD work with success today
July 18, 2016

Now Dr. Desgrosseilliers defended his thesis titled "Design and Evaluation of a Modular, Supercooling Phase Change Heat Storage Device for Indoor Heating" to his examination committee, including Dr. Ziskind who came all the way from Israel for the occasion. Félicitation Louis!

Tousif, Ali and Dominic participated in the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference held in DC
July 10-13, 2016

Tousif presented his work titled: "Experimental Investigation of Thermal Management of Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials (PCMs)"; Ali "A Comparison of Numerical Strategies for Optimal Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Design" and Dominic "Numerical Modelling of Natural Convection Driven Melting for an Inclined/Finned Rectangular Enclosure".
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