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Welcome to the Laboratory of Applied Multiphase Thermal Engineering (LAMTE), housed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University. The LAMTE is lead by Dr. Dominic Groulx. Him and his team conduct research on thermal energy storage and thermal management using phase change materials, and its related uses in renewable energy systems, as well as cooling of electronic components and other applied thermal energineering problems. More specific information about the LAMTE can be found following the LAMTE header found at the top of this page.

Information about Dr. Dominc Groulx (publications, research supports, bio and previous educational work) can also be found following the corresponding header. As an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Groulx is also heavily involved in teaching of thermal/fluid and energy related courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Information about those courses as well as links to class materials can be found under the teaching@dal header.

red header can also be noticed at the far right; Dr. Groulx, among with some colleagues in Engineering, is supervising research projects related to tidal power engineering. This addition to the more traditional thermal research performed at the LAMTE builds on the similar expertise in thermal/fluid and energy, and the close proximity to the Bay of Fundy. Research related to energy storage, turbulent flow - CFD and in-water tidal engineering are then conducted. If tidal energy research is your primary interest, just follow that red header.

News related to every aspects of research (LAMTE and tidal), as well as Dr. Groulx's professional and teaching activities can be found under the news header.

If you have an interest, or questions, regarding the research performed in either of the research groups, are an individual or organization with R&D issues that could benefit from collaborations with our group, or a smart and hard working student/researcher who would like to know more about our projects and opportunities to join the research groups, just contact us, we are friendly scientists and engineers!
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Dominic presented two papers at the 4th International Forum on Heat Transfer in Sendai, Japan
November 1-4, 2016

The papers presented were: "Melting of Phase Change Materials in a Cylindrical Enclosure: Parameters Influencing Natural Convection Onset" and "Numerical Study of Temperature Control in Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials".

LAMTE Researchers receive the 2nd prize for Best Paper Award at AWTEC 2016
October 28, 2016

The paper written by Tanguy Leroux, Nick Osbourne, Justine McMillan, Dominic Groulx and Alex Hay and titled: "Numerical Modelling of a Tidal Turbine Behaviour under Realistic Unsteady Tidal Flow" was awarded the 2nd place for Best Paper of the conference.

Two papers were presented by Dominic at the 3rd Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference held in Singapore
October 24-28, 2016

The papers presented were: "Numerical Modelling of a Three-Bladed NREL S814 Tidal Turbine" and "Numerical Modelling of a Tidal Turbine Behaviour under Realistic Unsteady Tidal Flow".

Tousif successfully defended his MASc thesis
August 16, 2016

Tousif's thesis is titled "Development of a Novel Thermal Management Technology of Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials" and was defended with success. Tousif is now off to do his PhD at the University of Delaware!

Ali's excellent review on server cooling technolofy is now published
July 25, 2016

The paper is published in Applied Thermal Engineering and is titled "Cooling of Server Electronics: A Design Review of Existing Technology".