Last Update: November 2016
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OERA grant awarded to the LAMTE and researchers in Oceanography
January 6, 2016

A $25,000 grant was awarded from OERA for the numerical study of the impact of representative transient flow on tidal turbines. The LAMTE is collaborating with Dr. Alex Hay's research group in Oceanography on this project.
New LAMTE researcher in Tidal Power
January 4, 2016

Tanguy Leroux is joining the LAMTE as an undergraduate researcher for 6 months from Nantes (France). He will run a research project on numerical modeling of turbulent transient flow on a tidal turbine using representative time-dependent inlet conditions.
A first journal paper from a LAMTE collaboration with NSCC is now available
January 6, 2016

The journal paper published in the International Journal of Energy Research came out of a collaboration with Dr. Alain Joseph from the Nova Scotia Community College. The paper title is "Characterization and real-time testing of phase-change materials for solar thermal energy storage"
A new paper on TIM research is now published
January 8, 2016

A research paper coming out of Ben's MASc project with Raytheon is now available in Applied Thermal Engineering: "Measurement of thermal interface conductance at variable clamping pressures using a steady state method"
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New LAMTE researcher
January 4, 2016

Ral Bielawski is joining the LAMTE as a research COOP intern for winter 2016. He will be involved mainly in experimental research on Thermal Interface Materials.
New Applied Energy paper now published
February 11, 2016

A research paper on eutectic mixtures of fatty acid PCM is now available in Applied Energy: "Stable, low-cost phase change material for building applications: The eutectic mixture of decanoic acid and tetradecanoic acid"
Journal paper published in the International Journal of Heat and Mass transfer
February 22, 2016

A research paper writen in collaboration with researchers from Algeria is now available in the Int. Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer: "Thermally developing forced convection in a metal foam-filled elliptic annulus"
Dominic participated in the Innostorage Conference held in BeerSheeva (Israel)
February 16-18, 2016

The conference was help at the Ben Guiron University of the Negev and was attended by the leaders in the field of phase change thermal storage. Dominic presented a short paper titled: "Working towards solving the Rate Problem: Geometric vs Nano-Enhanced PCM Solutions"
Tousif, Ali and Dominic participated in the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference held in DC
July 10-13, 2016

The conference was held in Washington DC. Tousif presented his work titled: "Experimental Investigation of Thermal Management of Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials (PCMs)"; Ali "A Comparison of Numerical Strategies for Optimal Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Design" and Dominic "Numerical Modelling of Natural Convection Driven Melting for an Inclined/Finned Rectangular Enclosure".
Moe's first paper directly out of his MASc is now published
June 20, 2016

A research paper coming out of Moe's MASc project is now available in Applied Thermal Engineering: "Experimental Investigations of a Latent Heat Energy Storage Unit using Finned Tubes".
Ali's first reserach paper is now published in Computational Thermal Sciences
June 20, 2016

The numerical solid-liquid phase change method exploraion paper is now available: "Simulating Phase Change Heat Transfer using COMSOL and FLUENT: Effect of the Mushy-Zone Constant".
Louis' experimental validation of laminate heat transfer is now published
June 20, 2016

A research paper in Heat and Mass Transfer is now available: "Validation of a Heat Conduction for Finite Domain, Non-uniformly Heated, Laminate Bodies".
Ben and Dominic are in Krakow (Poland) participating in the Eurotherm Conference
June 19-23, 2016

A poster highlighting the numerical work done in relation to the Intel contract was presented by Ben. Dominic presented the paper titled: "Numerical Study of an Air-PCM Heat Exchanger's Thermal Performance".
Dominic is at the third Intel Research Day in Hillsboro
May 4, 2016

The results of the first 28 months of work on the Intel project done by the researchers at Dalhousie, both in Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, were presented to our friends and colleagues in Hillsboro, OR.
The LAMTE researchers are participating in MERC
April 28, 2016

The annual Mechanical Engineering Research Day is being help today. LAMTE researchers are presenting talks and posters, attending and participating in the overall success of the day.
Sucessful MEng project presentation by Kehinde
April 27, 2016

Congratulations to Kehinde for the completion of his MEng project titled: "Analysis of the Connaught Building's HVAC System and Daily Peak Energy Consumption Shaving using PCMs".
Sucessful MASc defense by Laura
April 26, 2016

Laura successfully defended her MASc thesis titled: "Operational Parametric Study of a Prototype Tesla Pump". Congratulations Laura!
Presentation to the Dean's Coffee Club by Dominic
April 13, 2016

Dominic gave an interest presentation to a smart group of alumni form Dal Engineering titled "Heat Transfer Applications to Energy and Electronics Systems".
Dominic is participating in PRTEC on the big island of Hawaii
March 13-17, 2016

The 1st Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference was help in Hawaii. Dominic presented two papers from the LAMTE: "Thermal Management of Portable Electronics using Phase Change Materials: Initial Experiments" and "Geometrical Impacts on Phase Change Heat Transfer Modeling".
Dominic presented two papers at the 4th International Forum on Heat Transfer in Sendai, Japan
November 1-4, 2016

The papers presented were: "Melting of Phase Change Materials in a Cylindrical Enclosure: Parameters Influencing Natural Convection Onset" and "Numerical Study of Temperature Control in Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials".
LAMTE Researchers receive the 2nd prize for Best Paper Award at AWTEC 2016
October 28, 2016

The paper written by Tanguy Leroux, Nick Osbourne, Justine McMillan, Dominic Groulx and Alex Hay and titled: "Numerical Modelling of a Tidal Turbine Behaviour under Realistic Unsteady Tidal Flow" was awarded the 2nd place for Best Paper of the conference.
Two papers were presented by Dominic at the 3rd Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference held in Singapore
October 24-28, 2016

The papers presented were: "Numerical Modelling of a Three-Bladed NREL S814 Tidal Turbine" and "Numerical Modelling of a Tidal Turbine Behaviour under Realistic Unsteady Tidal Flow".
Dominic participated in the first Australian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium in Melbourne
October 18-20, 2016

He presented a talk titled "Numerical Study into a Horizontal Tidal Turbine Wake Velocity Deficit".
Dominic delivered an invited lecture as part of the Dalhousie Physics Deparment Seminar Series
October 6, 2016

The talk was titled "Thermal Engineering Challenges to Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Materials".
Tousif successfully defended his MASc thesis
August 16, 2016

Tousif's thesis is titled "Development of a Novel Thermal Management Technology of Tablet Computers using Phase Change Materials" and was defended with success. Tousif is now off to do his PhD at the University of Delaware!
Ali's excellent review on server cooling method and technolofy is now published
July 25, 2016

The paper is published in Applied Thermal Engineering and is titled "Cooling of Server Electronics: A Design Review of Existing Technology".
Louis defended his PhD work with success today
July 18, 2016

Now Dr. Desgrosseilliers defended his thesis titled "Design and Evaluation of a Modular, Supercooling Phase Change Heat Storage Device for Indoor Heating" to his examination committee, including Dr. Ziskind who came all the way from Israel for the occasion. Félicitation Louis!