Last Update: July 2014
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Dr. Dominic Groulx also supervises and performs research in the area of tidal power engineering, mainly when it comes to computational fluid dynamic studies of flow over turbines or other underwater system, as well as energy storage/grid issues. The research team in tidal engineering is composed of a hard working and dedicated group of young researchers, both at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level (MASc and PhD); from various background: mechanical, ocean engineering, as well as physics.

The alumni who have previously worked on tidal engineering projects, of which we are extremely proud and thankful for their work and expertise, are now sought after engineers and researchers, all over the world, in the areas of tidal/renewable energy or in general research positions, both private and in academia.

Dr. Groulx also collaborates with researchers from all over the world, some of those associates, are also presented below.
Research Team
Principal Investigator
Dominic Groulx, PhD, BSc, P.Eng, ing.
Associate Professor
Dr. Dominic Groulx is an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering; where he lectures, conducts research, supervises graduate and undergraduate research students. On trop of managing the Lab of Applied Multiphase Thermal Engineering, he also is involved in Tidal Engineering research with local and international research partners.
Aidan Bharath, BSc
Research Scientist
Aidan is performing the numerical study looking at turbulent flow and eddies around an hydrophone as part of an ENGAGE grant with OceanSonics.
Sean Campbell, BEng
MASc Candidate
Sean is doing research related to the monitoring of undersea cable in collaboration with Fundy FORCE.
Nicholas Osbourne, BEng
MASc Candidate
Nick is doing research on numericaly characterizing turbulence around a 3-bladed horizontal turbine and in the wake behind the turbine as it relates to tidal turbine arrays. This work is supported by a one year grant from OERA.
Sebastian Manchester, MASc, BEng
MASc Graduate
Sebastian, as part of his MASc, performed a numerical modeling of tidal/wind energy generation around the Petit and Grand Passage in order to determine energy storage needs in the area as part of an ENGAGE grant with Fundy Tidal Inc.
MCT Turbine
Strangford Loch, Nothern Ireland
People in Tidal
Irene Penesis, PhD
Australia Maritime College
Dr. Penesis.